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"We have never been unfair to our customers... We have always treated and treated them fairly, but the pledgers have never been happy. I never do pawn business," said Sugalchand Jain, Honorary Chcan powerball be played in indiaairman of Sugal & Damani. His memory is still vivid.

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At this moment, everyone hopes to profit from Mukhtar. After several discussions, 12 family members each asked Mukhtar for 100,000 pounds and asked him to organize a luxury family outing.

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Raj Kishor Chaudhary, the chief medical officer of Bihar, said that as of July 2, 111 people attending weddings or funerals had tested positive for the new crown, and more than 400 people were quarantined. He said that it is not yet possible to determine whether the source of the infection is the groom. At the same time, some people have anonymously reported irregularities in the wedding to local authorities. In order to prevent the risk of infection, the Indian government had previously stipulated that the number of participants in weddings should not exceed 50, and the number of funerals should not exceed 20.

In September 2009, the American man Eric Hawkinson was robbed by two masked men after he won the $100,000 lottery ticket. Hawkinson was shot 4 times and the robbers attempted to steal his prize money. Now, the unfortunate winner is still afraid of spending the night alone, and the principal culprit of this robbery turned out to be a good friend of the winner who has known him for 10 years.