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Fatih worked as a waitress in a Turkish restaurant in Yorkshire, England. He dreamed of winning the big prize, so he tried to persuade the restaurant owner for three hours before he finally agreed to buy a lottery ticket with him. He ran errands to buy the lottery ticket. After buying it, put it to the boss for safekeeping. As a result, they won the £1 million prize the next day, but the boss turned his face and refuseeuromillions numbersd to recognize anyone and wanted to take all the prize money.

A married couple from Louisiana, USA is set to have an amazing Christmas this year completely by accident, as they have just discovered that they are now eligible to be new millionaires. Tina and Harold Ehrenberg were doing a bit of cleaning over the Thanksgiving holidays when Tina found a few lottery tickets on the bedside table that she hadn’t yet checked. "We had family coming into town for Thanksgiving, so I was cleaning up the house and found a few lottery tickets on my nightstand that we hadn't checked," said Tina in a statement. She then checked the Louisiana Lottery website and was astonished to find that one of the tickets matched all the drawn numbers, meaning she had just won $1.8 million just before Christmas! "We don't have any plans to buy anything crazy or go on any big trips," Tina said. She was very lucky that she found the tickets when she did though because she only had two more weeks to claim her prize in, which after taxes came to $1.2 million for her and Harold, which they plan to put away for their retirement.

On December 8, local time, a fire broke out in a factory in Delhi, India, and the rescue scene was filled with smoke. According to reports, local firefighting authorities confirmed that the death toll from the accident rose to 43. There is a safety concern in a fire building: no fire protection permit, no fire fighting equipment

Your snack... Then turn your luck to the lowest so that all 5 numbers fall into 1 pickup! I mentioned that you can separate the probability from another number, because compared to the first number, no more than 1 number in the previous number will be ticking, so this is what you didn't find Word link.

Bill couldn't believe his bad luck when the banknote was scratched off and the opaque film covered the scratch paper jam symbol. In a matter of seconds, a new car under the Bill Ward brand is worth about 17,000 Australian dollars (AUD), and today's money will reach about 25,000 US dollars.

esaid. "At that time, the ballot box will know how to operate." "Califoreuromillions numbersnia solved the potential problems behind the budget crisis," Michelson said.

Delhi is the region with the largest number of confirmed cases in India. 356 new cases were added on the 13th, with a total of 1510 confirmed cases and a total of 28 deaths. About 1,050 cases were related to large gatherings held in the Nissanmudin community. India has implemented a 21-day national lockdown on March 25. Some experts said that this measure has eased the spread of the epidemic in India to a certain extent. They also called on the government to take more measures against clusters and increase the detection of new coronaviruses. Strength and breadth.

Announced today. The results can be found on the official website. Trivandrum, August 26: W-525 Keralalottery, a soft win-win situation, was announced today. The results can be found on the official website.

Had it not been for the rocket failure just before takeoff, India’s Chandrayaan 2 probe should now have entered space and headed towards the moon. This is India's second lunar probe, originally...